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Erica Wallstrom

ABSTRACT ORIGINAL ART work painting "Behind the horizion"

ABSTRACT ORIGINAL ART work painting "Behind the horizion"

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Original painting ”Behind the horizion”

How is it possible that we sometimes can think or call out to a person in our minds, and the next second that person is calling, textning you or shows up arround the corner of your path? Do you have anyone that you could think of and the next second the phone rings? This painting is a bit about just that. What’s behind that horizon? Is it possible a new abstract art work that wants to hang in you kitchen, hallway or office. Abstract art, and art in general is so beautiful in that way, that it is really in the eye of the beholder. What universe do you see when looking behind the horizon?


Acrylic on artificial linnen.

You can fin the canvas print on this art work here

Or if you like as a poster on fine art paper here


All paintings comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Do you have any questions or thoughts please send me an email at ericawallstrom@hotmail.com or contact me using the contact form on the website.



If you have any questions please send us an email at ericawallstrom@hotmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


Sizes: all sizes can be made (just ask us for custom size)

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A little bit about me

Since I was born I have always had a creative mind. Ideas and thoughts just pops up in my mind contentiously. They come fast and I can´t really control how they come about. It was the same when I found my way of painting. A couple of years after finishing art school I was painting with my son one day, then it just happened. My son showed me the playful way of not thinking, when painting and that the process should not be controlled. But most of all to trust in the process and not to be afraid of doing wrong. It needs to just happen.